Thursday, 18 October 2012

Organic bak choy smoothie | 养生小白菜沙冰

Bok choy can be eaten raw in salads, it provides abundant amounts of vitamins A, C, K, folate, as well as antioxidant phytochemicals (kaempferol), which act as anti-cancer agents. Bak Choy is excellent sources of Calcium, it is lower in oxalate, a substance that binds up calcium and prevents it from being absorbed. Recent study shown that 54% of the calcium in bak choy can be absorbed by the human body compare to 5% in spinach (high oxalate vegetable), and 32% milk.


2 bunches organic bak choy 
 1 banana
3 cherry tomatoes
1 cold dragon fruit 
1 teaspoons granular lecithin
1 teaspoons ground flax seed 
  8 spirulina tablets 
splash of water 

Enjoy! =)

新鲜的小白菜营养丰富,含有高抗癌成分-kaempferol, 它的钙质比起牛奶更容易被人体吸收小白菜的味道会有点涩和苦, 所以做小白菜沙冰或菜汁最好搭配一些甜的水果。 以下就是我最喜欢的小白菜沙冰食谱:


香蕉 。。。。。1条
小番茄 。。。。。3粒
冷冻龙珠果。。。 1粒
颗粒卵磷脂。。。 1茶匙
亚麻籽粉。。。。 1茶匙
绿藻。。。。。。 8 粒

做法: 把以上的材料放入混合器 (Blender) 搅碎后就可以喝了。


1. Luo H et al. Kaempferol inhibits angiogenesis and VEGF expression through both HIF dependent and independent pathways in human ovarian cancer cells. Nutr Cancer. 2009;61(4):554-63.

2.  Fertilizing crops to improve human health: A scientific review. Volume 2, functional foods. Free online copy here

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