Sunday, 16 December 2012

Kiwi fruit smoothie | 好喝又美容的奇异果沙冰

Kiwi Fruit contains very high amount of vitamin C than any other citrus fruits and more potassium than banana. While the average orange has about 82mg of vitamin C, the kiwi has up to 110 mg. That is almost 34% more vitamin C than orange. The US National Institute of Health recommended that adult men over age 19 consume 90 mg a day, and adult women 75 mg a day for the growth and repair of all parts of body tissues. 

 1 cold kiwi fruit
1 cold apple
1 banana
5 almonds
1 cold dragon fruit 
1 teaspoons granular lecithin
splash of water

1. Flavour: Sour-sweet and nutty flavour with nice kiwi fruit aroma.   
2. Texture : Thick and creamy.
3. Nutrition Value: Very high vitamin C content. Promote Collagen growth naturally, and helps keep the skin firm and youthful.
4. Average Rating:

冷的奇異果 (Kiwi) 。。1粒
颗粒卵磷脂/大豆卵磷脂。。。。。1茶匙 (Granular Lechitin)
水。。。。。。。。。。少许 (帮助搅碎Blending)

做法简单,只要把以上的材料放入混合器 (Blender) 搅碎后就可以喝了!

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are smaller tomatoes that are generally sweeter than larger tomatoes. They come in different shapes and colors, including yellow, orange, red, green strips and black. Cherry tomatoes are packed full of vitamins including Vitamin A, C, E as well as potassium and other mineral salts.

Usage: Fruit snacks, use in salad, as appetizer or as a garnish.

Selection: When selecting tomatoes in the market, select cherry tomatoes that are big, firm, smooth-skinned and bright colour.

Storage: Refrigerating cherry tomatoes can spoil their flavour, usually people just store them at room temperature and use within a few days.

Health Benefits: A research published in the May 2005 medical journal " Biochimica et Biophysica Acta" indicate that eating tomatoes regularly could reduce the risk of men getting prostate cancer. Tomatoes cantain high level of lycopene (茄红素), a red carotenoid pigment which can promote prostate health.

For great cherry tomato recipes, you can check out the links below:  

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