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自制黄梨黑莓和香蕉芒果酵素 | DIY Pineapple Blackberries & Banana Mango Enzymes


Below are the recipes for pineapple blackberries (red)  and banana mango (yellow). Drinking these fruit enzymes help our bodies digest, absorb nutrients while delivering oxygen throughout the body, thereby providing energy and immune boost. 


 黄梨 1 颗 (去皮)   
黑莓 1 杯
柠檬 2 颗
冰糖 300g
蜜糖半瓶 300ml

 Ingredients 1:

pineapple (pre-peeled) 
1 cup blackberries 
2 lemons
300g rock sugar
300ml honey 


 青香蕉 2 条 (去皮)   
芒果 2 粒 (去皮)
无花果 半杯
柠檬 2 颗
冰糖 300g
蜜糖半瓶 300ml

 Ingredients 2:

2 green banana (pre-peeled)
2 mangoes  (pre-peeled)
1/2 cup dried figs
2 lemons
300g rock sugar
300ml honey 

  1. 把黄梨和柠檬先洗净涼乾刀、玻璃瓶及其他的工具,洗净然后用沸水杀菌 。
  2. 把黄梨剖开后切薄片,柠檬连皮切薄片。
  3. 先把柠檬鋪在玻璃瓶底層。
  4. 再铺上一层黄梨
  5. 再铺上一层黑莓。
  6. 再铺上一层柠檬。
  7. 再铺上一层冰糖。 
  8. 重复 (4) - (7)。 
  9. 再把野蜜倒入,不要太滿,留下 空間。 
  10. 把蓋子稍微蓋上, 不需太緊,讓酵素可透透氣。然后放在干燥和阴凉的地方。 
  11. 大概3星期后,如果味道甘香,没有黑色/绿色/褐色霉菌,就可以把渣濾掉,把酵素倒入干净的瓶子里。 
  12. 制好的酵素可放在冰箱里保鮮, 飲用时把3湯匙酵素加入1杯冷水。 
  13. 香蕉芒果酵素的做法跟以上一样,用香蕉、芒果、无花果取代黄梨和黑莓。


  1. Clean and dry all fruits, utensils and glass containers. 
  2. Use boiling water to sanitize utensils and glass containers. 
  3. Cut and slide all the fruits.
  4. Pace all the fruits and rock sugar into the bottle, in the following sequences: Lemon in the 1st layer, pineapple- 2nd layer, blackberries- 3rd layer, lemon again- 4th layer, rock sugar- 5th layer and so on.
  5. Top up the uppermost layer with honey before putting on the lid, leave some air space at the top.
  6. Leave it in a dry and cool place for 3 weeks fermentation.
  7. If black/greenish/brownish colour mould is seen, everything has to be disposed off.  
  8. Once the enzyme is ready, pour the liquid enzyme into a new storage bottle and keep it in the fridge. 
  9. Add 3 teaspoons of enzyme into a glass of water and drink it in the morning or before meal.
  10. For banana mango enzyme, repeat above steps and replace the fruits with green bananas, mangoes and dried figs. 
  11. Enjoy your fruit enzymes! =)

fermented pineapple blackberries enzyme

fermented banana mango enzyme


参考 References: 

1.  酵你酿健康 Health & Enzyme: here
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慎重声明: 我不是医生也不是专业的营养师,我不对您的健康和您所自制的酵素负责。如果您有健康方面的问题,请向医生及专业营养师询问。

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or registered dietitian, I do not claim to cure any cause, condition or disease. Please consult your physician or dietitian regarding any health issues.

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