Thursday, 8 November 2012

Jambu air tree

Jambu Air  (Eugenia aquea) is from a species of brush cherry tree. Its common names include water guava, water cherry and water apple. In Chinese, it is known as Lián Wù  莲雾  or Shuǐ Wēnɡ 水蓊. Jambu air has a very mild and slightly sweet taste similar to apples, and a crisp watery texture like the watermelon. The Jambu Air tree is also planted for its wood, the wood is hard and can be used to make tools and building materials. It is grown in gardens and parks as an ornamental plant.

Below pictures are taken from a Jambu Air tree near my workplace:    

~ two weeks ago (27 Oct 2012):

Close-up of bunch of young Jambu Air on tree

"Polka dot Leafyoung leaf eaten by insects


~ Last week 

The fruits have started to ripen up


This morning

When fully ripe the fruits turn into pink colour 



  1. I have never seen a jumbu tree but I do love a sweet and juicy jumbu anytime.

  2. Hi tigerfish, thanks for visiting my blog! =)

  3. Oh I love this fruit. We call it "rose apple" here too. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. How large are the seeds of this plant?

  5. How large are the seeds of this plant?