Monday, 19 September 2011

传说中的蒙圣米歇尔 | Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel at night

 Picture taken from the hotel

Interesting stone wall decorated with green leaves of vines.

Morning dew drops on grass.

Yellow flowers on the roadside.

Grapes, plums or...?

 You can see sheep eating grass by the structure.

Low tide view in the morning.

The best time of day to visit is at 7-8 am in the morning before the tour buses arrived .

Here is the entrance..

The Gothic interior design was built to hold up the cloister.

The frieze tells the story of the archangel Michel touching the head of the bishop, burning a mark into his forehead.

Distinctive character of gothic stained-glass windows in the abbey

My travel buddy - Tina

This is a real quicksand that surround the building..

Picture of Saint Michael

地点:蒙圣米歇尔,法国 |  Mont Saint-Michel, FR.

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  1. wow,是明信片的水准了。够力够力。