Thursday, 1 September 2011

香港饮茶 | Hong Kong Yum Cha

讲到“饮茶”, 它与香港的饮食文化密不可分。 还记得刚到达旺角时,就被香港朋友- Maggie 带去喝下午茶。我们点了一些点心, 我最爱吃的就是那热烘烘的流沙包,一咬下去里面的奶黄汁緩緩流出有点烫口的热度让人想到就口水直流!。。

Freshly egg custard buns.
The egg custard is so thick and silky smooth that made my mouth water every succulent bite!

Yum cha!

An authentic Hong Kong style Chee Cheong Fun.

Veggie dim sum

Steamed dumplings

Chinese sweet potato, yam & Ginger soup dessert

More dim sums

The chopsticks are for eating, and the white ones should be used to serve the communal food.

地点: 譽宴 (香港旺角)|  Location @ U Banquet (Mong Kok, HK) 

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